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Bankruptcy lawyer in Michigan-How to find a good bankruptcy attorney in Michigan.

Michigan Bankruptcy Attorney Walter Metzen, Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy Law Michigan   The practice Consumer Bankruptcy in Michigan is a complicated and demanding area of law. Usually, when bankruptcy case is filed, it is the culmination of some unforeseen event or a series of external circumstances beyond an individual’s or married couple’s control.   […]

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Blaming your bankruptcy lawyer if you conceal an asset during your bankruptcy.

Can you blame your bankruptcy lawyer if an asset is left off your bankruptcy petition?    The short answer is yes, you can blame your lawyer, but ultimately you are responsible for properly listing and disclosing assets in your bankruptcy schedules, so unless your lawyer admits to the omission, you will have to explain why […]

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How to have a successful Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

How to maximize your chances for success in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy case     For consumers, there are basically two Chapters of bankruptcy from which to choose, either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Most of the cases that I file, approximately 75%, are Chapter 7 cases, with the remainder being Chapter 13. In […]

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How do I get a credit card after filing bankruptcy?

I recently filed bankruptcy in Michigan. How do I get a credit card? One of the most common questions I get while counseling one of my bankruptcy client’s is “I need a credit card, I’d like to keep at least one of my credit cards after filing. Can I keep one of them?”  When you […]

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How Can I improve my Credit Score After Filing Bankruptcy

How to Improve Your Credit Score After Filing Bankruptcy in Michigan   In my 20+years of practice as a Michigan bankruptcy lawyer, one of the most common questions or concerns I get from my clients is “How can I improve my credit score after filing bankruptcy?” and “When will I be able to purchase a […]

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Proper Disclosure of Prepetition and Post-Petition Assets in Michigan Bankruptcy Petitions

  Proper Disclosure of Prepetition and Post-Petition Assets in  Michigan Bankruptcy Petitions   Walter A. Metzen Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney, Law Offices of Walter A. Metzen, Bankruptcy Attorney Detroit , Michigan   Abstract:          Fundamental to the concept of bankruptcy is the duty incumbent upon debtors to properly disclose assets in exchange for the discharge of their […]

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