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Cross Collateralization of Credit Union Loans in Bankruptcy

  When I was in law school, my legal writing professor was a strong proponent of getting away from archaic legal terminology or “lawyerisms” and instead using simple words that the general population, namely our non-lawyer clients, can understand.  Unfortunately, some of these words are still around and are prevalent in bankruptcy.  If you have […]

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Bankruptcy Trustee Avoidance of Tuition Payments

Introduction In recent years, an interesting trend has developed in which bankruptcy trustees, using their “strong-arm” powers[1] are seeking to avoid or claw back tuition payments made to colleges and universities on behalf of their adult children for the benefit of creditors of the bankruptcy estate.  The source of these payments made to these institutions […]

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Filing Bankruptcy Individually or Jointly

Does the law require married couples to file bankruptcy together? No, the United States Bankruptcy laws do not require married couples to file together, although in most of the cases I file, both spouses choose to file together. In other cases, especially with recent newlyweds, only one spouse files thereby preserving the credit standing of […]

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What happens to my bills when I file Bankruptcy?

What will happen to my debt, my monthly bills when I file Bankruptcy? When you file a bankruptcy, a Court order automatically goes into effect that keeps your creditors from legally collecting from you (the automatic stay).  Later, when you are granted a bankruptcy discharge, the creditor is forever barred from collecting this debt from […]

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Bankruptcy Discharge: What Does it Mean and When It Occurs

What is the Bankruptcy Discharge and how will the discharge affect me?  The primary objective when most people file bankruptcy is to be relieved of their overwhelming debt burden. This is accomplished by Federal court order. After the bankruptcy case is filed and the automatic stay goes into effect, the bankruptcy will follow its natural […]

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The Automatic Stay in Bankruptcy

One of the most powerful protections triggered when you file a bankruptcy petition is the automatic stay. Within seconds of me pressing a button on my computer to file a client’s bankruptcy case electronically with the bankruptcy court here in Detroit, a case number is generated. Filing a case immediately puts into effect the automatic […]

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What is Bankruptcy Credit Counseling and why do I need to get this Certificate before filing Bankruptcy in Michigan?

    Bankruptcy Credit counseling: What is it and why do you need to do it?     I first started practicing bankruptcy law in Michigan in the early 1990’s.  Back then it was easier and less expensive to file a bankruptcy case for my typical client.  The only drawback was that you couldn’t file […]

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Bankruptcy lawyer in Michigan-How to find a good bankruptcy attorney in Michigan.

Michigan Bankruptcy Attorney Walter Metzen, Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy Law Michigan   The practice Consumer Bankruptcy in Michigan is a complicated and demanding area of law. Usually, when bankruptcy case is filed, it is the culmination of some unforeseen event or a series of external circumstances beyond an individual’s or married couple’s control.   […]

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Blaming your bankruptcy lawyer if you conceal an asset during your bankruptcy.

Can you blame your bankruptcy lawyer if an asset is left off your bankruptcy petition?    The short answer is yes, you can blame your lawyer, but ultimately you are responsible for properly listing and disclosing assets in your bankruptcy schedules, so unless your lawyer admits to the omission, you will have to explain why […]

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How to have a successful Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

How to maximize your chances for success in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy case     For consumers, there are basically two Chapters of bankruptcy from which to choose, either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Most of the cases that I file, approximately 75%, are Chapter 7 cases, with the remainder being Chapter 13. In […]

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